We set industry standards in everything we do.

abs Structural strives to exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers. ALL facets of the detailing process are completed in-house to maintain strict controls and higher levels of accuracy. abs does not out-source any portion of any project.

Flawless fabrication and erection drawings.

abs Structural has worked with AISC fabricators certified in major bridges delivering quality detailing at a responsible price since 1985. abs has experienced staff and state-of-the-art resources to detail:

  • arch bridges
  • Bascule bridges
  • Box girder bridges
  • Cable stayed bridges
  • Plate girder bridges
  • Suspension bridges
  • Truss bridges
  • Vertical life bridges

Field data interpretation that’s right on the money.

abs Structural has made impressive strides in the computer translation of site survey data into the drawing environment. Our ability to provide details for reconstruction projects with a high degree of accuracy and speed is unmatched in the industry.

  • Fabrication & erection drawings in greater speed and accuracy for structural steel projects
  • Bridges, pedestrian walkways, ramps, etc.
  • Unequalled custom interfacing 
  • Slab screed elevations for bridge decks
  • Building materials extractions for external calcs
  • Custom software development that leads the pack.

To maintain our state-of-the-art leadership, abs Structural Corporation continually develops and evolves proprietary software to provide the greatest flexibility in meeting the unique needs of clients.  Each custom AutoCAD solution can be interfaced with an integrated detailing system in which all numeric data related to a project is stored in a central database and shared by an extensive array of custom detailing applications. 

abs has created several hundred custom AutoCAD applications. Some of these custom functions simply automate some of the more routine drawing preparation tasks such as dimensioning. Others perform complex calculations on data in an external database to perform functions such as drawing detailed sketches in a manner that is fabricator-specific. 

Go ahead, throw us some curves.

abs Structural Corporation developed the only software that accurately calculates cambered shapes. Our proprietary software allows our clients to dream up complex and artistic structures knowing that our engineering and detailing will take them painlessly from fabrication to erection.

NC Drawings for Client Equipment.

abs Structural can provide drawings suitable for direct input into your NC/CNC equipment’s post processor. These drawings are created based on data in the abs “as built” database. This eliminates the possibility of input error caused by the need to re-key the data. 

We can, for instance, add your shop camber and generate all web burning sketches for the project. Lines to cut and lines to scribe can be on different layers so you can mark the locations of stiffeners and connection plates as well as burn the shape of the web.

3D Modeling and Rendering.

Custom interface of data between AutoCAD and the central database expedites the visualization of various stages of the calculation process. Programs that function outside of the drawing environment have access to exactly the same data – ensuring both accuracy and continuity. abs structural is adept at all universal computer languages and platforms including:

Building Information Modeling (BIM), a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.  

AutoCAD DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) a standard AutoCAD file format.

DSTV format, an industrial standard defined by the German Steel Construction Association (Deutsche Stahlbau-Verband).

With DSTV and DXF, abs can:
• Create, edit, and export parts

  • View assembly 
  • Generate weld symbols and connection marks 
  • Nest true-shape plates 
  • Create imperial and metric dimensioning
  • Export NC1 and CNC files for numerical control cutters (lasers, mill bits, torches, or water jets)