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Ramping Up

Every Metro Area includes intersections that drivers dread. For Twin Cities drivers, navigating the intersection of TH169 and I-494 meant traveling through three sets of traffic signals in short succession and dealing with frequent bottlenecks. (TH169 is a U.S. Highway; “TH” stands for “Trunk Highway.”) In addition to delays, the congestion in the interchange often resulted in traffic accidents. Improvements to […]

Full-Speed Ahead

The new Blue Line extension to the Washington, D.C.-area Metrorail system features steel bridges for cost savings and construction speed. The first ever large-scale design-build project awarded by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is a 3.1 mile-long extension of the Blue Line on Washington D.C.’s Metro rail system. This extension is located in Prince George’s County, MD, east of the capital, and is […]

2016 Prize Winner: Long Span ~ Brazos River

TEXAS, LIKE MANY OTHER SOUTHERN STATES, has seen substantial population growth recently. This growth is one of the key drivers for expanding Inter- state capacity, particularly in cities like Waco. I-35 meanders through the east Texas city, home of Baylor University, and the Waco District of the Texas Department of Transportation (Tx- DOT) wanted to […]